Setting Task Priority

Setting Task Priority is a great way to highlight and track your important tasks. This will allow you to refine and work on tasks that needs your immediate attention, and get back to the ones which has the least priority. 

Let us help you take advantage of this feature, right here, right now. 😎

There are two ways of setting a task priority. 

  1. During task creation
  2. After task creation

Setting Task Priority while creating the task:

  1. Create a task, just like the way you do, using the Quick Task Box (You will find this at the top of all your task lists)
  2. Once you type the title for the task, look for the grey dot towards your right and click on it.
  3. This will show you a list of priorities for you to categorize the task you're creating. Choose one.
  4. And you've just prioritized a task that you created.

Setting Task Priority to an existing task:

  1. Click on the task for which you want to set the priority. By default, all the tasks as prioritized as low priority.
  2. Choose the priority you want to set for this task

  3. And that's it. You should be on your way to work again.

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