Reset your password

You might already know that there are two ways in which you can sign up with Allt. 

Signed up using Google Account:

If you signed up with your Google Account, you don't have an Allt password. Instead, if you want to reset your password, you might have to change the password for your Google Account. Anyways, here's how you reset your Google Account's Password: Reset Google Account Password →

Signed up using Allt:

If you did not sign up using Google Account, then your account's password is managed by Allt's sign in system. We are humans, and we tend to forget things that are not of huge priority. We understand that. You can easily reset your password yourself on Allt. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to Allt's login page here: Login into Allt →
  2. Now, just click on the Forgot Password link: Forgot Password - Allt →
  3. Enter the email address with which you signed up for Allt
  4. You will receive a friendly email from the system which will have a complex link to reset your password

That is it. You're now using Allt with you shiny new password that no one knows about yet. If you are worried about your privacy, please read our Privacy Document carefully →


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