Managing your Allt

Organizing Allt is as simple as buying something on Amazon and getting them delivered to your doorstep. If you are a pro Allt user, you must be having a lot of Groups in which your information is organized. 

You can manipulate Allt into working the way you would work. Here are a few ways in which you can use Allt:

Pinning your Allt Group

If you are a frequent visitor to a particular Allt Group, then this feature is going to save you a ton of time. From the Sidebar, hover over the name of the Group you would want to Pin to the top. 

You will get a beautiful ⭐️ icon appearing towards the right side of the Groups's name. Just move your finger with the mouse and click on that ⭐️. 

That is it. You will now have that Group you 🌟ed appear at the top in the Sidebar. 


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