Contacting Allt Support

The moment we started working on Allt, we wanted to make sure the support is exceptional. But, we wanted our customers to talk to people who know the product in and out, and not someone who got trained on the product. 

The first and the last line of our support team are our engineers themselves. They are the ones who wrote every bit of code that Allt runs on, and they know the platform best. 

There are multiple ways in which you can contact our support team:

  1. 📄Referring our Knowledge Base on Zendesk: Allt Knowledge Base →
  2. 📬Email our Support Team:
  3. ☎️Call them up: 09144 4284 6683

We make sure that your queries are responded within 8 hours of the request. And there are some pretty big promises we've made and we will stick to that as well. Some of the promises include:

  • 24 hours bug fix guarantee💻
  • 72 hours bug fix guarantee for major issues🖥
  • End-of-time promise🎉

See you on the other side! 💯


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