Adding files to Vault from your computer

Vault lets you securely store and access your files from anywhere you want. So no matter in which device you are in, you are going to have access to all your files. The the same case exists for Groups as well. 

So all the files related to a Group will go inside the Vault for that particular Group. But if you are a private person, you have access to your own files as well.

Vault for Groups:

Vault for Groups serve a specific purpose. Say that you are a part of a Marketing Group on your Allt Domain. You might want to regularly share files with your Group members about the progress or iterations of your marketing document. Vault is the place for you to do so. 

Vault for you:

Upload and manage your files on Allt forever. Allt's simple and straightforward file management system allows you to perform important tasks with your files very quickly. Here's what you can do with Vault on Allt →

Since Vault supports file versioning*, you can always go back, and compare the versions of the files that you have shared, in the easiest way possible. 

* File versioning is a Beta feature, and it might not be enabled for your account. Drop us an email if you would like to get access to this feature.


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